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From room remodeling, such as kitchen or bathroom, whole house remodeling, or remodeling to accommodate a disability, no job is too big or too small.

Kitchen Remodeling

Depending on the size of your kitchen and the budget you have for remodeling, we can do many things to improve the look of the room. It could be something as simple as painting the walls or creating a separate pantry where you store your food. It could be a more complex project that involves a lot of labor and expense, too, such as laying down new flooring. Whatever you have in mind for the kitchen, let us know so we can come up with a plan that best serves your needs.

Upgrade Your Appliances to Improve the Efficiency of Your Home

Upgrading your appliances and making sure they’re up, and running can take time. You may become frustrated with the process and wonder why you didn’t call a professional in the first place. We can handle this type of project for you. We do it with ease and maintain the highest level of standards when we do to ensure your safety and satisfaction.

A kitchen remodel is among the best options for adding increased value to your home. It doesn’t matter if the flooring that you’ve chosen is hardwood flooring or laminate flooring. By the time we’ve completed the project, you’ll truly appreciate our handiwork. Nolte Construction doesn’t leave your home until we know you’re 100 percent satisfied with the work that we’ve done for you. We guarantee our work as a way of winning your trust!

Bathroom Remodeling

A modern and spacious bathroom quickly transforms the look of the home by making it appear more welcoming. Rather than be a room that you use but ignore its decor, why not make it something you’re proud to show off? There are many ways to enhance the look of the bathroom that you currently have in your home.

There are two reasons why people request bathroom remodels. The first is that the room is dated and needs an upgrade. The second is that its layout leaves a lot to be imagined. It’s not as functional or spacious as it needs to be to meet the needs of the customer.

Cosmetic Fixes That Make the Room Look Incredible

Some fixes are purely cosmetic. They help improve the appearance of the bathroom. Others make the room more functional and comfortable. They involve replacing toilets, sinks, and bathtubs, installing an enclosed shower, hanging cabinets, or building linen closets. It doesn’t matter if it includes painting or drywalling because we can assist you with both.

Remodeling to Increase Space and Improve Safety Levels

A remodel to accommodate a disability may be necessary. We can remove or install windows/doors to make it more comfortable to enter and exit the space in a wheelchair or with another mobility aid. If two people must be present at once to assist with a family member’s daily routine, we’ll make it happen for you. Safety is not only your concern because it’s ours, too!

Remodeling to accommodate a disability

Accommodating a disability may include a ramp to the outside door, width of the hallways, adjusting kitchens or bathrooms, safety is thr number one priority. Whatever the need is, we are the ones that will make it happen. Call us today with details.

We’re Ready to Get Started on Your Bathroom Remodeling Project Today

Reach out to us today with your request for a remodel. With budget and layout in mind, we work with you to come up with a space that looks and feels exceptional to be in daily. Get a hold of Nolte Construction by calling 509-489-6407 or contact us right away.

Client Testimonials

Bill O. in Liberty Lake, WA

Bill O. in Liberty Lake, WA

He was very precise and went out of his way to ensure quality. I highly recommend him.

Bill O.

Gerri D. in Spokane, WA

Gerri D. in Spokane, WA

Quality of work and professionalism were excellent! I would recommend this company to anyone.

Gerri D.

Vicki W.

Vicki W.

Ihis guy is fantastic!! Beautiful work, there when he said he would be and stuck to the quoted price. I plan on having him do several projects in the future.

Vicki W.

Kay D. in Liberty Lake, WA

Kay D. in Liberty Lake, WA

He was here early, how many times can you say that about a contractor....His work was great and we would hire him again.

Kay D.

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